The Corporation

The Rector’s warden and the People’s warden form the Corporation (legal identity) of the parish and – together with the Incumbent – its trustees. In accordance with Canon Law, the churchwardens oversee the temporal running of the church. In matters that are solely within the power of the Churchwardens, the People and Rectors’ wardens cannot exercise their powers separately nor can one act without the consent of the other. Canon 15, section 3.3 dictate the Incumbent and churchwardens shall act jointly in matters concerning the use of the church buildings and grounds. Churchwardens work closely with the Incumbent in a position of primary leadership, supporting both the issues of the Incumbent as well as that of the people. They oversee the ministry and business issues of the parish and are the legal representatives to the diocese. They ensure that the parish remains financially sound, the assets of the parish are protected and the legal requirements of the country, province and municipality are met.